Promotional products and corporate gifts

Promotional items, the shortest way to a successful advertising.

Promotional products or corporate gifts are one of the most efficient means of communications for companies. Offering promotional gifts is winning the favor of very demanding customers. Customers loved these small useful products. Throughout the day, you will probably notice promotional items such as promotional pens and these derivatives. Some of your friends and acquaintances even made of these promotional products their favorite objects.

The hearts of the customers in exchange for promotional products.

Thanks to these products, a particular affection is born between your company and the targeted customers. This recognition for the customer loyalty improves the quality of communication between your company and the customers. If you are a company wishing to gain a market share, we suggest you to offer the right promotional products or corporate gifts. According to the existing products, see the list of the available items as well as the latest goodies. A palette of color will help you to choose the colors of your company. Depending on your budget, several placing orders are available for the manufacturing of your promotional gifts. Branded key rings, tee-shirts, choose freely and strengthen your communication strategies.

FROM manufacturing to delivering, the services offered for promotional gifts.

The manufacturing of the promotional products or corporate gifts is done in our manufactories in China with high-tech equipments. For the manufacturing of these goodies with your company logo, our manufactures are effective. Each product meets the quality standards. An active follow-up is done in respect of the manufacturing of the promotional gifts. We also ensure the quality of the delivery verification system in order to provide items that fulfill the expectations of the customers. Concerning the cost of raw materials and the effective logistics of Wiz' Import, you may benefit from better pricing.

Wiz' Import tries to build closer relations with the customers by introducing the telephone services on its website. If you want some advices or make complaints about the promotional products or promotional gifts, you may request assistance from the standard service. These latter will be happy to help you. There are many kinds of promotional gifts or promotional items. That offers you the possibility to choose between a wide ranges of products that appeal to your customers. Come to our website and request a price quotation if you want to know how much you have to spend for the advertising of your company. There, you will be given financial estimates.

Promotional products and corporate gifts